"Bem te vi"

Ana André LusoBrasileira was born in Lisbon and emigrated to Brazil at the age of 16, where she has lived since 1975. A multimedia artist whose work is a dialogue that reveals (dis)connections between nature and the urban, she graduated in Architecture from USP in 1983. Her career as a visual artist began in 1984, and since then she has exhibited her work in various exhibitions, winning several awards.


From ‘Poetic Encounters’ Casa das Rosas, 2005 Assemblage / Poetry, incorporates poetry and the word in plastic productions. The work is a dialogue that reveals (dis)Connections between Nature and the Urban, 2024 participates in the exhibition ‘Lines that weave Poetic Landscapes’ at UMAPAZ, São Paulo. Inspired by the daily experience of walking, being in the world and being aware of its existence. This sensitivity manifests itself in her works in the relationships between line, body, nature, light and shadow.


Photos by: Nicole Sánchez

based in Lisbon, Portugal