mais uno +1 is a curatorial, project, and research collective that acts in search of the transformative power of art through the creation of incremental relationships/ecosystems between artists, communities, and territories

This collective emerges from a common will to...

  1. Complement and create new alternatives for the institutional contemporary art circuits;

  2. Expand art practice to territories and groups that are usually not included in the cultural scene;

  3. Research, create and try new, more free and sustainable, models for the art market;

  4. Reflect on the active role of art practice as a continuous project that creates new imaginaries and communal dynamics, and answers to the current and future environmental and urban challenges;

  5. Develop more accessible structures for researching, documenting, and sharing knowledge (creative commons);

  6. Diversify and enrich the socio-cultural tissue of a territory and its mutual support;

  7. Create more horizontal and democratic art systems based on collaborative and transdisciplinary relationships;

  8. Foster aggregating, experimental, emancipated, and critical art practices.

focus areas

        — curatorship 

  1. exhibition organization;

  2. alternative communal forms of exhibitions, residencies, and creations: the exhibition as a space for encounter, a public space, a neighborhood space, an online space;

  3. support and follow-up for exhibitions (materials, production, texts, documentation, publication);

  4. selling art: fair, exhibition, alternative ways, and spaces.

        — project 

  1. ongoing projects: art as a project;

  2. support for projects;

  3. artistic consulting (development of residency and project networks: art residency spaces in national entities + collaboration with international networks).

        — research

  1. education;

  2. documentation, metrics, indicators, and publication;

  3. development and sharing methodologies: commercial/non-commercial).

based in Lisbon, Portugal

who are we?

The collective mais uno +1 fuctions under a free, open, and horizontal structure. Any person can enter the collective upon approval, and exit whenever they want. New members are always welcome to join as long as they express: willingness to work collectively in a non-hierarchic manner, interest for the topics approached by the collective, motivation, and empathy. 

active members 

Aino Garcia Vainio(FI)
— cultural manager.comic writer

Alexia Alexandropoulou (GR)
— curator. art producer

Aurélie d’Incau (LU)
— visual artist

Carolayne Ramos (PT) — artist. blogger. podcaster. writer.

Eugenia Bianchessi (IT)
— graphic designer 

Ioanna Antonia Kaloudioti (GR)
— graphic designer

Joyce Ward (FR)

— cultural manager 

Kalle Hübel (GE)
— cultural manager

Karina Zelonka (LV)
— cultural manager

Léa Heudes (FR)
— graphic designer

Lígia Fernandes (PT)
— visual artist. curator

Nicole Sánchez (PT)
— photographer

Ricarda Oldekop (DE)
— cultural manager

Simone Lackner (AT)
— multidisciplinary scientist

Sofia Enriquez Gonzalez (CL)
— artist. curator

Sophia Niederkofler (IT)
— architect. explorer.artist.but not finally defined