AURELIE D’INCAU x MAISUNO +1 Berry the sun

—  project duration
    01.06.2024 - 07.06.2024

—  curators
Aurelie D’incau
    Eugenia Bianchessi
    Ioanna Kaloudioti
    Kalle Hübel
    Léa Heudes
    Sophia Niederkofler
Travel agencies sell experiences in beautiful places. They sell sun and sand, beautiful views, local food and happiness. They make it look like the experience is effortless, affordable and unforgettable. At Berry the sun, we also sell sand and sunshine but everything is slightly off or rather inside out, the travels are extremely cheap, the guided tours not quite factful and the unforgettable memories we try to create are in very very very hidden places. In fact, the travel experience we are selling are the most hidden, not even the sun, our eternal guide to happiness, can reach it: in the metro.

The metro is a public space, a neutral place, a non space and a place of transition. It is one of the rare spaces where we briefly share our living space with all kinds of social strata, backgrounds and interests. The reason for this is that in its very essence, the metro is never our destination, it is the most mundane activity one can do and yet it has a democratic performative aesthetic of its own. It is the symbol of movement and interconnectedness.

At Berry the sun, we therefore use humour to twist the meaning of the travel destination and propose to the audience, as an antithesis of sightseeing, to experience the metro and the travel therein as the most unique of all travel experiences.

The team:

Photos by: Nicole Sánchez

During the week, the Agency offered different services like guided tours,experiences and selling of very peculiar gadgets.

The guided tours offered were:

    Sunsetive tour:

In this guided tour we take Berry the sun to places it has never seen. Join to experience the metro in a new light and come to (all of) your senses as we go underground!

    Tracing a way:

Straight metro lines begin to bend as we draw our path through the tunnels under Lisbon. In this guided tour we’ll map the metro with experimental sketching techniques.

Costumers could also join various experiences, such as:

    Follow the sun:

We are all attracted to the sun - so chase it! A simple game in which you follow all (metaphorical) suns throughout the metro. 
Come and get your instructions at our bureau in Picoas.

    Commute for a day:

You want a truly authentic Lisbon experience?
We enable you to accompany someone on their daily way to work.
Find out what it means to live in the city and search for excitement in the mundane.

The project is meant to be developed in the future with different events and surprises.
We can't wait to find out where Berry will take us!

based in Lisbon, Portugal