Spoglie, Studio #5  

Artist: Eleonora Gugliotta ︎ ︎
Eleonora Gugliotta was born in 1989 in Sicily (Italy) and graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in Contemporary Decoration. In 2017 she collaborated with the Spain pavilion during the Architecture Biennale, in 2018 she was present with a project at MACRO in Rome and in 2019 she won the first prize at the Paratissima Art Fair Turin. In 2022 she organizes and manages exhibitions of her and other artists at her Atelier in Milan, the city in which she is also a teacher of Graphic and Pictorial Disciplines in an Art School. She has participated in various group exhibitions, presenting installations, photographic projects, videos and performances.

In her works, the artist has always preferred the use of natural filaments - be they wool or hair - transforming them into real signs, strokes like those outlined by a pen that draws what the hand orders and the mind decides. Relative to the space of action they are like microelements that become at the same time points of connection and junction as well as visible trails of the movement of man in space. Along with geographical maps, hair is one of the two main elements compared and on which the game of stairs created with the Spoglie series of collages focuses. Over the random signs and shapes of the maps - formed by roads, rivers and coasts - the artist superimposes a tangle of hair that becomes one with the surface, creating new paths. The natural element takes on soft and sinuous shapes, contrasting with the often-angular signs of the maps and symbolically tracing the chaotic flow of man on earth. In a game between micro and macro, organic traces of man are mixed with paths made invisible, but both designed following the typically human nature of transforming the space around oneself.
based in Lisbon, Portugal