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In celebration of EM CONVERSA #10, we are publishing a Bonus Episode: Roundtable on Curatorial Practices in Portugal. This episode is a recording of a roundtable session led by maisuno's members:  Alexia Alexandropoulou, Ligia Fernandes, Inês Nêves, and Nicole Sánchez. In December, Artpool invited our collective to lead a roundtable as part of their Xmas Art Market. The 10-day event included the exhibition and sale of affordable digital art editions in a non-art-cube space, accompanied by a public program including talks, workshops, and a roundtable - mediated by us! We started with an open discussion on the current problems of curatorial practices in Portugal, ending up with some exercises about writing curatorial texts collectively. 

Topics under discussion: Curatorial Practices in Portugal, Collectivity, NFT’s.


In EM CONVERSA #9Inês Nêves (mais uno +1) and Dorottya Ács (mais uno +1) invited  Jaime Lobato (MX) for a discussion on transdisciplinary practices with a focus on Art & Science. We learned more about Jaime's journey working with Music, Performance, Plastic Arts and Bio-Technology, as well as the role pedagogy, audience participation, and creative commons take on his practice.

Topics under discussion: bio-art, art & science, pedagogy, creative commons, transdisciplinarity, audience participation, inter-species communication.

Welcome to EM CONVERSA #8 with Alexia Alexandropoulou (mais uno +1), Elham Khattab (EG) and Salma Kossemtini (TN). In this episode, Alexia Alexandropoulou invited Elham Khattab from Cairo and Salma Kossemtini from Tunis to discuss Curatorial practices in North Africa. They talk about the conditions of the contemporary art scene in Egypt and Tunisia and the challenges that artists and curators from the region experience today.

Topics under discussion: curatorial practices in North Africa.

In our latest EM CONVERSA #7,Dorottya Ács (mais uno +1) invited Sofia Pancada (PT) who is part of the communication team of Space Festival. Sofia is a young professional working in the field of communication in the cutural sector / creative industries. Being part of the production processes of Space Festival as well as Space Ensemble, this conversation explores her insights from event management and communication strategies to the mission of contemporary and experimental music and its connection to territories.

Topics under discussion: experimental and improvised music, decentralization of culture, situated practices, event organization.

In CONVERSA #6, Nicole Sánchez (mais uno +1) invited Gabriella Riccio (IT), multidisciplinary artist, researcher and activitst based in Naples and Madrid. She is engaged in prefigurative practices such as the movement for the commons and self-governed theatres and cultural spaces. In this episode we talk about art and activism, art as a way to alternative political scenarios, as well as topics such as common knowledge as an intersection between art, pedagogy and activism for a transition towards post capitalism.

Topics under discussion:
"commoning",  art & activism, collaborative projects, art collectives, occupied spaces.


For this CONVERSA #5, Alexia Alexandropoulou (mais uno +1) from mais uno +1 invited Pedro Lagoa (PT) and Sean Negus (US) to speak about Archival arts. In this conversation, both shared aspects of their individual transdisciplinary arts practices involving the Archive. As part of their respective creative inquiries, each formulates new considerations of the archives, bringing radical new meanings and possibilities to bear onto contemporary art-making. During the talk, Pedro and Sean explained how archives inform their artistic practices.

Topics under discussion: archival arts, transdisciplinary practices, contemporary art.


For our CONVERSA #4, Lígia Fernandes (mais uno +1) and Inês Nêves (mais uno +1) from mais uno +1 got together with Chiara Sgaramella (IT), an artist, researcher, educator, whose works explores the intersections between art, ecosocial issues and collaborative practices. We heard about Chiara’s projects, developed mostly in several territories across Spain through the Colectivo Viridian, her most recent project Agroversitat, as well as the main findings from her research.

Topics under discussion: ecosocial art, collaborative practices, pedagogy. 


At the CONVERSA #3, Manu Ribeiro (mais uno +1) invited Fábio Delduque (BR), plastic artist, scenographer, cultural producer, and one of the main founders of the Arte Serrinha project, which has been realizing and fostering for over 20 years a group of initiatives in art and education that involve free creation, research and experimentation, content dissimination, and presenting experiences that prioritize human relations and reflection. It is a space for production and artistic experimentation, for encounters and exchanges between people and nature. It is also a concept, a movement, a community that shares dreams.

Topics under discussion: arte-natureza, arte-educação, espaços-projeto, festival de arte, curadoria, projetos geridos por artistas. 


The CONVERSA #2 addressed Vent Space Project: Estonian Academy of Art (EKA)’s student-run space. Every year, Vent Space's organizational team changes, and alongside it, the curatorial program and operational structure transform. Seeking to explore how people can change the identity of a space, we invited Hanna-Liisa Lavonen (EE)member from the 1st founding Vent Space team (2018-2019) — and Brit Kikas (EE) — constituent of the current team (2022-2023) — for a collective retrospective with Inês Nêves (mais uno +1) — member of the second team (2019-2020), and mais uno +1 — on what this space has been and meant for its local community, and speculate on its future and global framing.

Topics under discussion: artist-run projects, project-spaces, student galleries.


The CONVERSA #1 touched upon UNIDEE, a program for intependent education and art residencies dedicated to art and social change, since 1999. Resulting from the participation of Lígia Fernandes (mais uno +1), and Nicole Sánchez (mais uno +1) — members of mais uno +1 — in the program, we spoke about their experiences and learning outcomes. 

Topics under discussion: Art and society, embedded practices, socially-engaged art.

based in Lisbon, Portugal