Quinta da fonte

Quinta da Fonte is a social neighborhood aggregating people who were moved from other neighborhoods in the city, from different origins, such as Portuguese, romani communities, and several African and afro-descendant populations. 

Photos: Nicole Sánchez

Artists in Quinta da Fonte

Riikka Vainio (FI)


Riikka wants to empower the children and youth of Quinta da Fonte to become artists themselves without even noticing. She will develop a storytelling project in which she proposes to them the storytelling as a medium to express themselves, which stories will then grow into other forms of art.

Urban Pulse collective (GR)


The Urban Pulse Collective wants explore the potential of the group as a dynamic and the ever-changing structure that develops through conflicting forces and informal settings. It will use improvisation, instant composition and work in partners practices coupled with narrative and community consensus processes in order to address informality as antifragility.

Jéssica Lopes (PT)


Jessica aims to create a community theatre project by offering a safe zone in Quinta da Fonte for people to share and learn about their opinions and thoughts on socio-political issues. At the end of her residency she hopes that these stories will be shown to a wider audience in form of a theatrical scene, to bring awareness and visibility to the communities.

Małgorzata Minchberg (PL)


Małgorzata wants to develop the “empathic mindfulness”, as she calls it, which is the form of nature that she interferes with, that triggers the need to be sensitive to it. In Quinta da Fonte she intends to look for the traces of its culture and its "empathetic mindfulness".

Suzy Willekens (NL)


Suzy aims to create an installation by involving the local communities. Through a collaborative dialogue between different cultures she wants to develop a collective art piece for Quinta da Fonte.

Where is Quinta da Fonte?

based in Lisbon, Portugal