sonic frontiers

Sonic Frontiers was a musical event which aimed to explore and present current waves and directions of contemporary, experimental music. 
—  project date
    18 th February

—  curators
    Dorottya Ács

—  project location/ partner
    Prisma Estúdio (Lisbon)

—  audience
    50-60 people

—  artists
The event consisted of 3 concerts by local and international artists presenting their projects within the genres of looping, distorted vocal arrangements,  post-punk noise, electronic, sound design, and ambient/atmospheric. Invited artists are currently exploring what experimentalism means for them in their own musical practice. 

We were lucky to count with the help of Pisma Estúdio to create this event. They provide us with the venue for the concert, that had the perfect ambient to invite the audience and the artists to collaborate in a common atmosphere. 

Human Name is the stage name for experimental loop musician Steven Stringer. Human Name utilises a combination of looping guitar,  soft vocal arrangements and improvised sounds blossoming into dream-like textures.

Fransico Zedde is a musical multitalent brings his electric, post-punk one-man band Tonto. Performed on acoustic drums, electronics and soul wrenching vocals, Tonto’s rumbling tour stops in Lisbon for a night of consuming experimentalism.

Fake Music For Travellers is a Lisbon-based experimental musical duo consisting of Fernando Cainço and Rui Veiga - one on analogue keyboards and the other on electronics and guitar. An ambient ensemble of synthesizers traveling through time, space,  into the deep, into contemplation, into elevation.

— team
Dorottya Ács (HU)  
  cultural manager /
music producer
Alina Shpakova (RU)
 UX designer / painter / sketcher

Laura Jiménez (ES)

Margot Demey (BE)
art curator / researcher

Photography: Laura Jiménez

based in Lisbon, Portugal