Talude is a self-built neighborhood mostly composed of families originally from Cape Verde. It has very few businesses, a restaurant, a bar, a “distillery”, and many farms created by the inhabitants. This is an impermanent territory, which is planned to be demolished in the future for urban re-planning.

Photos: Nicole Sánchez

Artists in Talude

Ana Rodrigues (PT)


Ana is a young artist from Talude. During her residency she wants to involve her community to fulfil her objective of making art accessible for everyone.

MAx Provenzano (VE)


MAx will realise the project "BorderSlides" in Talude. It is an installation that can be activated by the community that will work as a border of memory, a metaphor between the immigrant context.

Manuela Bueno Romeiro (BR)


Manuela will develop her "CORPO-CASA" project, reflecting how the body of an immigrant becomes their own individual home. She will then realise an installation, telling the stories of the communities.

Tomás Serrão (PT)


Tomás wants to explore the topic of dreams and its ramifications. He aims at understanding how dreams affect the perception of reality and the way they influence identity.

Aleksandra Naydenova (BG)


Aleksandra seeks to empower members of the community to share their stories through visual artefacts. Her goal is to provide them with the space and tools for collectively re(envisioning) the artefacts as encounters between the formal and the informal in their communities.

Rodrigo Édipo (BR)


Rodrigo (Olinda/BRA) will carry out the research-intervention "PAI DERIVA", with the aim of mapping informal oral and bodily repertoires that co-emerge from the interactions between father and child as they drift through the neighborhood. With the child as the guide, the aim is to find clues to the re-enchantment of everyday life and the emancipation of disciplinary territories, one of which is symbolically fatherhood.

Lourosa Costa (ST)


Lourosa is an artist who seeks to acquire new experiences and knowledge and to show that through art we can influence what is around us and that with it we can sensitize people and expose them to different realities.

Where is Talude?

based in Lisbon, Portugal