Bairro do Zambujal

Bairro do Zambujal is one of Lisbon's largest social housing estates, located in Alfragide. It has a diverse population including Portuguese, romani communities and various African and Afro-descendant populations.

Photo: Eugenia Bianchessi

Artists in Bairro do Zambujal

Rita Bourbon (PT)


During her residency Rita aims to create a sounding mosaic that captures the necessities of the local communities. In addition to that she wishes to create a neighbourhood library based on the interests and needs of the people.

Michele Turbanti (IT)


Michele wants to explore, interact and document the environment. By doing so he wants to challenge different dynamics that come into play in designing space, exploring the forms of resistance in the practice of occupation and of making public privatized spaces.

Fiodor (RU)


Fiodor plans to divide his residency in three parts. First, he wants to connect with the communities and share stories. Then he plans to convert the stories into sculptures, on of their artistic media. At the end he wishes to build within the neighbourhoods AR installations, for the communities to use.

Sofia Seidi (PT)


Sofia considers paintings as an expression of resistance and affection, and therefore she will make portraits of the residents of Zambujal, after conducting conversations and interviews, in order to get to know them.

Zala Pori (SI)


Zala aims to invite viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and discovery by researching the dynamic interplay between figurative and nonrepresentational art. Additionally she is keen to explore themes of identity, memory, and transformation in order to search for emotional responses triggered by contrasts.

Where is Bairro do Zambujal?

based in Lisbon, Portugal