Bojagui in Portugal
“Window to Colors”

We had the pleasure of welcoming Bonjagui in Portugal with their exhibition at our Project Space in Picoas Metro Station.
Window to Colors was the group's 10th anniversary exhibition.

In September 2014, the Bojagui group was founded and since then has dedicated itself to the study of traditional Korean sewing and patchwork. In celebration of the group's 10th anniversary, we decided to hold a small exhibition with works created especially for the occasion, using the 'Chilbo' technique, a traditional Korean pattern widely used in Jogakbo Bojagui.


Through this pattern, we have explored the possibility of modernizing our works, while always respecting tradition. We invite you all to come and celebrate with us and discover the art of Bojagui!

Bojagui is a piece of fabric normally used to wrap, store and/or transport articles of daily or ceremonial use, made from what was left over from making clothes. Jogakbo Bojagui is what you can expect to see in this exhibition, a traditional Korean patchwork full of color and elegance.

based in Lisbon, Portugal