lisbon drawing club

Lisbon Drawing Club is a community of live model drawing lovers who meet regularly to draw and share a good time.
—  project duration
    2021 > ongoing

—  project location/logistic partn
    Galeria Monumental 
    LARGO Residências
    Curious Monkey
    Queer Art Lab/Trumps
    Hospital Psiquiátrico de Lisboa

—  communication and image partners
    Inês Gil Silva (Sounds Like a Plan Photography)
    Filipa Leite Rosa (Framers Studio)
    Marco Teixeira (Tripé)
    Gonçalo Nuno Souza (Souza Filmes)

—  support
    Cerveja Barona

    Curious Monkey (Lisboa)
    Bempostinha 22 (Lisboa)

Based on the principles of Community, Inclusion, Practice and Fun, we organize weekly meetings in different cultural/social places in Lisbon since May 2021. We believe that drawing together is a great way to get to know each other better and also to get to know ourselves. Drawing can be a vehicle for emancipation, belonging and awareness.

Lisbon Drawing Club is interested in working with a diversity of models that reflect the richness of our social heritage and stimulate a practice of empathy, working with a plurality of bodies, gestures and identities represented by professional models, artists, folk groups, migrants, seniors, inhabitants of different neighborhoods, etc. Once a month, sessions are dedicated to trans and non-binary models in cooperation with Queer Art Lab. Drawing classes (Masterclasses) with guest artists are also organized on a monthly basis.

—  target group
Lisbon Drawing Club has collaborated with more than 25 cultural and social places , such as SAFRA, Galeria Monumental, Curious Monkey, Queer Art Lab/Trumps, Casa de Castro Daire, Musex, P.R.A.Ç.A, Goethe-Institut, Dual, Lisbon's Psychiatric Hospital, Day Care Centre of N. Sra dos Anjos, AMRT Transcultural, Dual Lisboa, Viarco, Quinta das Relvas, among others.

—  team

Nicole Sánchez


Lígia Fernandes


Marianne Maina


Daniela Viçoso



Simone Lackner

Utky Yavaska


Susanne Malorny


Rita Dias


Joana Leal


Fotografia: Inês Gil Silva (Sounds Like a Plan Photography) and Nicole Sánchez

based in Lisbon, Portugal