Places of Impermanence

Summer Residency/Studios in Talude and Quinta da Fonte.

—  project duration
    July 2023 - September 2023

—  curatorial team
    Lígia Fernandes
    Karina Zelonka
    Nicole Sánchez
    Ricarda Oldekop

—  contact persons
    Lígia Fernandes
    Ricarda Oldekop

—  partner organization
    AMRT - Associação para a Mudança
    e Representação Transcultural

—  support
    NOVA-School of Business and Economics

On the top of the hill there is no more juniper
It has dried up


To go to Lisbon he sold his land
For half the price
There, working in the rain, in the wind
In the cold
At CUF, Lisnave or J. Pimenta
Cheap labor no matter how hard he works
He’s nothing more than a servant
Cheap labor, shack without light
Eating on the run
Even more cheated by the white brother

But the day I return to my land
Many colors of chilli
Will give me water
And strength in my arms

Consciousness that I've worked
The power of my land is in me
With juniper on the hill
My children on the ground
My boat in the harbor
Our land, oh, our land.

“Altu Kutelu”/”Top of the hill” Renato Cardoso (Cape Verdean song)

Which forces lead us move away from our land? To what extent can we do something about them? Is leaving an act of courage? What do we learn along the way, what do we create, and what do we bring with us? How faris this journey?  Which land do we call ours? Where is the home to return to? When does impermanence become permanence?

This summer we invite artists, curators, collectives, and researchers to spend some time in places of impermanence. These places tell stories: some were created by those who arrived, like mirrors from the land of departure, some are imposed, shaped by urban progress, forcing transitions along the way. Some welcome people from a single origin, others aggregate people from many origins. They act as places of reflection about our own stories, about what we feel in our bodies, the tiredness, the longing and the hope. For the next generations, they are also places of re-imagination, for which you are invited to enter.

Mais uno+1 invites you to apply for two residencies this summer. The program is for people who are looking for space, focused time, and stimulating conversations that can help to kick off or further develop a project that will engage with two different locations on the outskirts of Lisbon. Applicants can decide to work in one or two locations:

  • Place one: Quinta da Fonte - This is a social neighborhood aggregating people who were moved from other neighborhoods in the city, from different origins, such as Portuguese, romani communities, and several African and afro-descendant populations. 

Photography: Nicole Sánchez

  • Place two: Bairro do Talude - This is a self-built neighborhood mostly composed of families originally from Cape Verde. It has very few businesses, a restaurant, a bar, a “distillery”, and many farms created by the inhabitants. This is an impermanent territory, which is planned to be demolished in the future for urban re-planning.

Photography: Nicole Sánchez

— resident artists

Alberto Maria Gatti (IT)

Alberto Maria Gatti (1992) is a composer, sound designer and computer music designer. He attended electronic music courses at the Conservatory of Florence and the Master AReMus at the Conservatory of Rome concerning the practice of artistic research in music. Afterwards he followed workshops and seminars of composition and sound direction. As composer, he participated in several festivals and events of contemporary music including: Ircam, Tempo Reale, Museo del Novecento, Fabbrica Europa, Inner Spaces, Palazzo Vecchio, Salone del Mobile di Milano, SIMC, Pontino Festival, Italian Institute of Culture in Brussels, Teatro del Giglio, Teatro Cantiere Florida, Spam/Aldes, Museo Pecci, Chaufuonna Festival and others.

Elena Aya Bundurakis (GR/JPN)

Elena Aya Bundurakis is a Greek-Japanese photographer born in Crete island. She uses her camera as a tactile device, rather than a technological tool. Her work focuses on how it feels to be a living organism in this era that lies between the primal, the modern & the post natural-world. She uses herself as a specimen of the human experience. Images collide and divide according to the situation. Drawings, video and haikus are incorporated. Bundurakis currently works between Crete and Corfu, where she co-founded REON (a space for clay). She graduated summa cum laude from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp with an MA in Visual Arts & Photography, and holds a BA in Graphic Arts Technology from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. Her work has been nominated for several prestigious photography awards and has been exhibited in various locations like Metronom gallery (IT), Fotomuseum Antwerp (BE), Marres Maastricht (NL), Fotomuseum Winterthur (CH), Noorderlicht Festival (NL), the Athens Photo Festival (GR) a.o.

Emma Gonsales Moro (RU)

My name is Emma Gonsales Moro, I am 22 years old and I’m from Moscow. I graduated from Moscow Film College, faculty of art and animation. I moved to Lisbon and started life from scratch shortly after the war started. There are several themes that attract my interest more than others when it comes to drawing. Tiny details mean the world to me, I can start drawing the whole city landscape only because of some small but very attractive lantern on the background. Windows, mirrors, screens, holes, reflections, everything that can look like a portal to somewhere inside of the drawing magnetise me. Variety of textures and shapes. Focused faces, strange body positions, hands. Usually I draw from life but I don’t have a goal to repeat the reality as it is, it always turns out to be more colourful and simple, but I like it. I would say that the closest style to my art is primitivism. It’s an aesthetic idealisation and simplification of reality. In fact, sometimes people say to me that my works look a little bit childish but I accept it as a compliment because It’s partly my intention: to remember and express how the world felt to me when I was just a child, without knowledge about perspective, composition rules and all these laws of universe, when my perception was pure. Of course it doesn’t mean that I don’t use this knowledge in my drawings, I’m trying to unite my drawing skills and this childish way to see the world and make something beautiful out of it.

Lorenzo Ballerini (IT)

Composer, sound and new media artist, mainly focused in live electronics and multimedia installations. Born in Florence in 1990. Graduated in Music and New Technologies at the Conservatory Luigi Cherubini in Florence and in second-level master’s degree AReMus (Artistich Research in Music) at the Conservatory Santa Cecilia in Rome. His aesthetics focus in the exploration of the the political and social meaning of human beings related to the artwork and in today’s society. He has participated as composer and performer in festivals such as Berlin Biennale, Bright Festival, Diffrazioni Festival, Fabbrica Europa, MEFF, SMC2018, SMC2019, Tempo Reale Festival. He has collaborated with artists including Alvise Vidolin, Christine Meisner, Michele Marasco, Nicola Sani, Paolo Parisi, Roberto Fabbriciani, Tiziano Manca.

Marianne Delaforge (FR)

I am a self-taught visual artist and comic book author. I studied cultural journalism in Belgium and turned to the fine arts when I took a course in Budapest in 2014 but didn't continue down that path afterwards. It was only in 2019 that I returned to drawing, inspired above all by nature and the animality that interconnects with humanity. Since then, I participated in several collective exhibitions, such as 12x12 and "Small formats" and in various comic competitions such as the 24 hours of comics in Lisbon or the annual contests of Odemira or Kus editions. I also started to be musically active in 2018 when I joined the female choir Fio á meada, a project that continues to perform in Lisbon and elsewhere in Portugal to this day. I co-founded the Lisbon Drawing Club in 2021 and participated in the development of Queer Art Lab sessions, which promote the Trans and non-binary body in art. I like collective and groups in art and the way it feed my own practice, thanks to all those projects, art became a very social adventure for me.

Marie Jiménez (DOM)

Marie works with their immediate context. Their work is defined by the intersection of painting, cinema, sound and installation. In this interdisciplinary context, and with interest in initiating a dialogue urging social change, they work with themes related to identity and its perception outside of the norm. It is in this manner, sharing their personal experience, that the intimate becomes a tool for the political. Marie is currently enrolled in the Graduate program of film development in ESTC in Lisbon. They have participated in numerous collective art shows in NYC where they obtained their bachelor's degree in Parsons The New School. Also, they have participated in collective shows in museums and other cultural institutions in their home country, the Dominican Republic, and other institutions around America and Europe.

Muro Atelier (PT): Joana Tomas / Vincent Rault

Collective created by architects, Muro Atelier endeavors to challenge the concept of ephemerality through a participatory practice centered around material reuse and revitalization of unoccupied or public spaces.Through their research and installations, this initiative aims to reshape our perception of the city's dynamics, moving towards a more circular and sustainable system, while empowering urban participants to understand and harness the potential resources available to them. The term "Muro," meaning "Wall" in Portuguese, encapsulates architecture's fundamental essence, exploring notions of materiality, boundary, and scale. The wall embodies numerous metaphors in the collective imagination: an impassable barrier, yet also a gateway to freedom. Rooted in its physical, cultural, and historical context, the installations envisioned by the collective narrate and unveil the spaces they inhabit, placing visitors at the heart of their experiences.

Rita Leitão (PT)

Rita Leitão was born in Lisbon in 1998. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon in Painting marking her journey through Bilbao. Since then, she participated in several group exhibitions, highlighting “Elogio da Matéria”, SNBA Lisbon (January 2019); “Family Dinner”, Ceramics Museum, Sacavém (November 2020) and “Coletivo Casa Rosário”, Cascais (May 2021). In August 2021, she opened her first solo exhibition, “Bem-Vindo a Casa”, at CAT, in Tavira, and in October 2021 she was a resident artist at the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum. Rita is currently establishing her practice at the Beliche collective atelier, in Xabregas. Trainer, market enthusiast, illustrator, performer and plastic artist, Rita develops her practice in a deep relationship between Art and Life.

Zala Pori (SI)

Zala Pori is a visual artist from Slovenia, living in Cascais, Lisbon. After she finished her bachelors at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana in the painting department, she decided to take a leap abroad with the same department in her Masters. In 2016/17 she spent 2 semesters at the Faculdade de Belas Artes in Porto, Portugal. After completing her degree back at home she decided to take a break from the arts and embarked on collecting different life experiences, performing different professional roles. In 2021, she returned to Portugal, and her desire to return into the art field got rekindled. In her search for finding freedom in expression, she is exploring the play between figurative and nonrepresentational elements throughout the creative process. Contrasts, finding the balance between the complementary colors, the light and the dark, organic vs geometric, are also kept in mind during the process. The abstraction of artistic language creates images that open the door to imagination and fantasy.

based in Lisbon, Portugal